Business transformation

CORPIAS was hired as a business transformation pension specialist to redesign and up-skill a client’s management team to improve profitability and industry competitiveness.

Key achievements included:

  • Worked confidentially and diplomatically with all relevant parties including HR, line management, colleagues, interfacing departments and staff, to discover facts and perceptions relevant to the team.
  • Reviewed resourcing and responsibilities, productivity and progress against key performance indicators and recent appraisal history.
  • Worked with target team as interim line manager and had ‘before, during and after’ interviews.
  • Identified capabilities, potential and training needs.
  • Defined and presented to leadership team the CORPIAS vision for a high performing, high standard team whose individuals can operate at different levels with relative performance requirements.
  • Arranged customised internal and external training.
  • Reviewed pay and bonus package and recommended changes to align required behaviours, and to be a better fit with the industry. Recommendations accepted and actioned.
  • Created ‘buddy system’ of small supportive teams so mangers are not working alone and clients have a stronger impression of support.