Corporate benefits platform development

CORPIAS was asked to support the development of a new IT platform to administer a workplace pensions business, and also support ISAs and other investment product capability.

The client had good capability in back office investment transaction management but had no corporate pensions expertise. CORPIAS provided this expertise.

Key achievements included:

  • As subject matter expert trained the leading staff on pension product variants, rule differentiation and expected platform functionality. Produced presentation material and training on the pensions market.
  • Engaged with separate companies with complementary development expertise who would boost the project’s success and time to market, including actuaries and web designers.
  • Influenced the internal and external partners to facilitate and build the client functionality requirements that would make this a market-leading system.
  • For the client’s target customer, developed an Auto Enrolment solution which was significant in providing credibility to that potential customer.
  • As the subject matter expert and an experienced presenter, led the marketing meetings and sales pitches resulting in the successful sale of the platform to the target customer – a multinational financial institution.