Pension scheme investment

We have worked with a number of companies to review their investment design and structure. As knowledge and expectations change, pension schemes must review their investment policies or risk failing their members and appearing negligent.

Case Study 1: Defined Contribution scheme – reviewed fund choices and updated fund range

Key achievements:

  • Met with company and scheme management to examine the issues and options.
  • Met with employee representatives to determine how the scheme is used and valued.
  • Met with fund providers to discuss funds, defaults, risks and charges.
  • Recommended a structure of default fund with primary and secondary free choice options.
  • Finalised fund range with company leadership.
  • Implemented the subsequent pension scheme changes including systems, legal and documentation changes, and employee communication plan.

Case Study 2: Defined Benefit scheme – move from balanced fund management to core and specialist structure.

Key achievements:

  • Worked closely with Finance Director to determine purpose and required outcomes.
  • Reviewed past funding and investment decisions.
  • Gathered information on investment options and suppliers.
  • Worked to Board’s decision of way forward.
  • Arranged formal selection process to determine new fund management group.