Pensions advisory & administration

A complex project to recommend and replace a mainframe pensions admininstration system with a user-focused client server system suitable for a scheme with 100,000+ members.

In addition to the procurement and implementation of the new system, we provided extensive staff training, as well as guidance and support on rollout.

Key achievements:

  • Reviewed pensions technology market and shortlisted for volume capability.
  • Recommended and priced system within budget
  • Managed the selection process including visits to short-listed suppliers.
  • Set up implementation team and ensured appropriate project management plans.
  • Held regular meetings with suppliers and key stakeholders.
  • Staff support improved by inclusion, regular updates and training.
  • Legacy of appropriate documentation and succession planning.

We were asked to review and approve a pension scheme’s service standards to ensure it met its members’ expectations.

Key achievements:

  • Conducted a satisfaction survey of internal and external users and customers.
  • Compared service delivery with industry standards and expectations.
  • Held at desk reviews of administrators and line management.
  • Reviewed the training and appraisal process.
  • Recommended organisational and technical changes.
  • Produced manual of transactions and time limits.
  • Set out system of personal responsibilities and oversight.
  • Left plan for a future satisfaction survey.