Regulatory and compliance management

CORPIAS delivered training and hands-on advice for a client company to meet the new Auto Enrolment default fund requirements, so ensuring regulatory compliance.

Key achievements included:

  • Presented to client staff on DWP recommendations for default fund governance.
  • Brought the investment team on board through workshops and one to one meetings.
  • Sourced a project manager from elsewhere in the company to take responsibility for planning the implementation of new investment functionality and mentored them through the initial stages.
  • Ensured investment team identified how their current governance and fund procedures could be reshaped to accommodate the new expectations.
  • Audited and assisted with their plan and time-line to put the changes into practice.

In accordance with the Financial Service Authority’s (FSA)* “Treating Customers Fairly” (TCF) initiative, ensured activities of the pensions servicing division were fully and evidentially compliant

*The FSA became the FCA in 2013.

Key achievements included:

  • Studied the FSA’s TCF policy, recommendations and requirements.
  • Attended FSA seminar and discussed points with FSA and other companies.
  • Met with internal stakeholders to clarify hierarchy of needs and time-lines.
  • Created project team.
  • Wrote procedures, collated departments’ evidence, managed dedicated website.
  • Created template for board reports and FSA Arrow visits.
  • Chaired initial TCF meetings.
  • Handover to permanent resource.