Business Transformation Overview

CORPIAS provides expert support for outsourcing or insourcing operational processes, implementing major changes to an existing proposition or to work methods, resulting in business transformation. We use our expertise to ensure that teams work together for the success of the project. We identify hurdles, such as priority conflicts and differences in corporate culture and team politics within the programme. We then work to optimise the shared ambition and combined skills of the teams for their mutual success.


Programme Leadership

We provide expert leadership for one-off or ongoing programmes, to enable the management team to focus on their areas of expertise without distraction. Acting as business lead or subject matter expert we ensure all elements of a programme from IT specification to customer outcomes are coordinated for ultimate success.


We have experience across a wide range of project-focused programmes, and can provide essential support and leadership to deliver on-specification, on-time and on-budget results. We make a difference.

Organisational Change

Learning from many years of past business change experience, involving both big and small teams, we make organisational change as efficient and effective as clients want it to be. We provide the necessary expertise to deliver important organisational change across different teams, processes and structures.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement in pensions is usually about materials and technology. This tends to be ineffective without applying more time to the people. We deliver enhanced employee engagement through planning, design and implementation of professional communications and training because we understand all the levers that need to be pulled to make a difference.