Interim Pension Management Services

CORPIAS provides expert interim pension management services. Where an expert is needed to provide interim pension management, proposition or investment services for a specific project, or to fill a resource shortage, we can fill that need at a high quality. For a project, the role may be as subject matter expert or business lead. Alternatively, it could be as a resource gap fill or head of a team or group of teams. Hitting the ground running is the prime need for an executive interim, and in the pensions field we have the necessary expertise.

If you haven’t used interim pension management services before or are unclear what differentiates an executive interim from a consultant or contractor please see the boxes below. Alternatively phone us and speak to an experienced interim pension manager to see if the expertise is right for your need.


What is an Interim Manager?

An Interim Manager is an expert in his or her field. He is an implementer who hits the ground running to deliver the assignment for which he takes responsibility. An Interim Manager is a self motivated high performing individual with a passion for their specialism. For the period of engagement, an Interim Manager devotes his expertise to providing a high quality result for his client.

What is a Management Consultant?

A Management Consultant is an expert in strategy development, irrespective of the field. A Management Consultant presents possible solutions that others will implement, whereas an Interim Manager is an implementer who takes responsibility for delivering his assignment.

Can an Interim Manager provide consultancy which others can implement?

Yes, if it is in his field of expertise he will be more in tune with the issues, and have more experience of the practical effects of the solutions than a Management Consultant. An appropriately senior and experienced Interim will be able to implement the strategy or programme that he has planned and discussed with the client.

Is an Interim Manager just the new jargon for a temporary worker?

No. The two terms are not synonymous. Interim Managers work at management, executive and leadership levels, and have experience of delivering in similar situations. They are experts in their field who have confidence working at senior levels and navigating appropriately within corporate organisations.

Why use an Interim Manager?

You have a challenge that needs greater focus than the in-house resource can provide or you don’t have the appropriately experienced permanent resource. You want an expert who understands your issue and has experience of delivering in similar situations, who can navigate your organisation confidently and professionally, and who can make decisions that would otherwise be delayed or avoided.

If you need someone to….

Drive an important project
Lead your auto enrolment programme
Implement a new pension scheme, IT system or office process
Launch a new product or marketing initiative
Restructure a pensions business or a pensions department
Cover a vacant pensions role
Manage your pension plan or change its structure

…Interim Management could be the ideal solution.