Part time Pension Manager Service

In the past the majority of companies did not need their own dedicated pension expert because pensions were an optional benefit. Usually someone else in the company took care of it alongside their main responsibilities. Although employers’ often wished for a part time pension manager the pension scheme was no more than a product that was mostly left to the insurance company or the financial adviser to service. This does not achieve the benefit a company gets from their own strategic and operational expert.

Now there are a lot more pension duties falling onto the employer’s shoulders, and the expectations of staff are increasing. Pension provision will become an increasing responsibility and risk to employers and their businesses. Auto Enrolment itself is extremely complex but there are additional issues that bring risk for the company and its employee relations unless there is a pensions expert on the employer’s side.  These issues are often about cost and value, investment options, communication, operational service and financial results.

Where a full time pension manager or pension director is unnecessary wouldn’t it be great if you could still have your own expert part time pension manager on a retained or delegated basis? Someone who is not wanting to sell you a product but who can visualise and plan a pension strategy that suits your business and creates long term employee appreciation. Making the company’s pension commitment an investment, rather than a costly chore and value destroyer. Someone who takes the pension strain for you and ensures the right things are prioritised and implemented in the best ways for your business?

There is such a service. Using CORPIAS as your own part time pension manager or pension director means you have a professional with a laser-sharp focus on your pension issues, allowing you and the rest of the senior team to devote your time to the core role. This service is available from 1 day a month plus telephone contact, dependant on the need as agreed.  Contact us on 07975 979233 to find out more.


Advisory, design & planning

We provide expert pension scheme advice, design and planning services, helping you to deploy a scheme which fits your employee, operational and budget requirements.


We can implement and administer your pension scheme to ensure smooth operational delivery and employee engagement.

Supplier management

We shortlist, visit and vet potential suppliers, and then manage their interactions with your organisation for optimal service.


We support and develop your Trustee and Governance committees and functions, to ensure the required level of knowledge and compliance.


We offer customised training for Trustees and Governance committees to ensure best practice.


We deliver effective communications programmes to enhance employee and team engagement.