Pension Management Overview

Apart from the largest companies, most firms do not have a pension management specialist working for them at the leadership level or as a technical expert looking after their interests. Therefore members of the leadership team, such as the HR Director, the Finance Director or even the Managing Director, are diverted from their key roles. Instead of working on their business, they spend valuable time trying to negotiate the pensions maze. For improved effectiveness, efficiency and peace of mind, get in an independent pension management expert who can hit the ground running, and have the employer’s best interests at heart.


There are a myriad of workplace pensions and benefits issues that the employer should be concerned about, especially with Auto Enrolment making pensions compliance his or her legal responsibility.

CORPIAS provides cost-effective and high quality pension management services to employers who would benefit from skilled specialist support. The service is affordable because it is on a contract, project, part-time or interim basis. It delivers on expectations because it leverages the experience and successes from many previous pension challenges in many different business sectors.

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Retained services

As a retained Pensions Director or Manager, we provide expert support on a part-time or contract basis to ensure that you are delivering your pension strategy in the best way for the company and your workforce.

Interim Services

As an Interim executive, we provide expert help when and where you need it to support your senior management team and the business as a whole.

Investment Funds

We advise on investment funds to support your pension scheme in an objective way with your business interests at heart.

Employee Engagement

We ensure that your employees understand and are engaged in the pensions process to improve scheme participation and satisfaction.