Gatwick Diamond Business Services

CORPIAS operates nationally but offers a range of more local specialist pension services to companies operating in the south east and Gatwick Diamond Business area. This area covers the major business centres of Dorking and Horsham in the West. Reigate, Redhill, Horley and Croydon in the North. Crawley and Gatwick Airport in the centre. East Grinstead and Haywards Heath in the East, and Burgess Hill to Brighton & Hove in the South. Included are over 350 manufacturing, financial, transportation, aviation and professional service businesses. As a member of the Gatwick Diamond Business Association (gdb)  we are ideally placed to support your organisation’s pensions management needs.

Not to be confused with your benefit consultant or financial adviser, CORPIAS is not distributing a product but provides smaller companies with the services a FTSE 100 company expects from their Pensions Director or Manager. We offer these services on an interim, part-time or retained basis, making this valuable service effective and affordable for SMEs. We bring you deep technical and practical pensions experience which is deployed for your company’s benefit. Having your own Pensions Director or Manager on a part-time basis will add confidence and depth to your senior team, and benefit your entire organisation.

Call CORPIAS on 07975 979233 to find out how we can help you.


Why do you need this service?

  • Company pensions are an expensive, operational and regulatory minefield. There are wide differences between products, costs (some hidden) and investment funds which are not always understood by the employer’s management team. This will raise governance issues and employee relation problems in the future over high costs and low benefits to your workforce.
  • Without a senior pension specialist pension issues drag management away from their core role.
  • Auto enrolment (AE) requires a complex and expensive process to be adopted by every company. Once it starts at your company it is a continuous process and needs regular oversight and governance.
  • The consequences of AE reach into every part of an employer’s personnel and benefits process and many companies could be applying the requirements in a way better suited to them.
  • Many companies are being investigated for non compliance at the start of their AE process however continuing compliance with the law is even harder on a daily basis when management’s eye is no longer on it.
  • Employees generally don’t value the pension scheme because they don’t understand it sufficiently and they don’t use it to its best advantage. This means the employer doesn’t get the benefit of appreciation, improved productivity and staff retention that a pension scheme could provide, and the employee often receives a disappointing result.

It doesn’t have to be this way!