Platform Design and Deployment

CORPIAS are specialists in pension platform design and deployment, including supporting or leading the design and deployment of corporate benefit platforms, such as corporate wrap and pensions-specific or pensions-centric administration and transaction systems.



Most corporate benefit platforms will major on pension specific deliverables and will benefit from having high expertise deployed in this area. This may be to define or review the proposition, such as create a master trust or default fund governance strategy or distribution model, or it may be to ensure the services and service standards meet the immediate and long term ambition of the project.

CORPIAS is experienced in providing subject matter expertise for all pension requirements, and is experienced in managing people and teams in pressured and fast moving environments.


A corporate benefit platform is a very expensive development which has to fulfil a multitude of different success criteria, each one of which is complex and requires specialist input. However these projects often fall short of their ambition while overreaching their time and budget, because there is no strong independent leader who has experience and familiarity across the whole breadth of the relevant industry and can drive the separate strands without being sucked into any of them.

If the clients MD was in a position to perform this role, he or she could possibly be the right sort of person because they understand the need to be close enough but not drawn in too deep to any single division. CORPIAS provides this sort of leadership to these major programmes.

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